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Where there’s an adventurous forest road, but you can get out safely.

Where gourmet menus are served in style. Where a barman prepares your drinks while you party. Where you can take an outdoor hot tub in any season. Where tradition is not forgotten alongside modern services. This is the Benkő Guesthouse. 


The guesthouse is reached by a wilderness road, which includes 5 km of forest road, so it is not accessible by car in all circumstances. Guests can leave their cars in the Sugásfürdő car park in a safe place, and we will provide transport:

The impeccable Mercedes minibus means safe transport in all weather conditions. It provides an enjoyable journey for the whole party, as it allows 34 people to board at the same time.


We provide lunches, dinners, buffet breakfasts and professional serving, tailored to individual requirements. 

Menus for events are subject to prior agreement. 


If getting together means partying and celebrating, don’t forget our bar service. We can prepare cocktails from short to long drinks and coffee.


Not only warming, but also bringing the company together under the starry evening sky, the giant campfire. It’s an elemental experience to talk and sing around the fire in the middle of the forest in a small valley.

Hot tub

There is nothing better than bathing in the open air at the edge of the forest. The outdoor wood-fired hot tub offers a real wellness experience for 6-8 people at any time of the year.

Traditional bread baking

Bread baking from the heating of the oven, to the kneading and the freshly baked loaf. Your guests will learn how to bake traditional homemade bread.

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